A mediator for over 30 years, Mr. Widman has handled over 110 commercial matters in a wide array of bi-lateral, multi-party, domestic and international disputes. The American Arbitration Association has designated him a “Master Mediator”. His success rate of 65% comes from his preparation, persistence, and yet patience in dealing with counsel and parties. Parties use Mr. Widman because of his decades of experience as a commercial litigator and arbitrator, business background, and demeanor. His insights enable him to assess and discuss the core risks, issues and outcomes with the parties.

Vast Experience

Parties have entrusted to Mr. Widman claims with a total value of $1.0 billion. Mr. Widman has resolved disputes in areas such as healthcare, construction, e-commerce, intellectual property, real estate, sales, environment, financial, licensing, and employment. See Mediation Case List. He has addressed complex issues such as interpretation and application of contract terms; the business objectives and economic environment of the disputed transaction; technical aspects of projects; competing claims of breach or performance; experts’ analyses; multi-party dynamics; equitable aspects of the dispute; statutory rights and defenses; and causation and damages.

Settlement Strategy

Mr. Widman’s mediation principles are preparation, party-driven, patience, and persistence:

Affiliations And Academic Scholarship

Mr. Widman has handled mediations for:

He also frequently accepts and self-administers ad hoc matters from parties and counsel. He has taught or consulated on mediation for the AAA and internationally, has published ten articles on mediation and ethics, and has spoken at 20 bar association meetings and other seminars. See Articles/Speaking List.


“I never would have imagined that in less than two hours you settled a matter that the attorneys, acting in good faith, could not settle in over two years. Thank you.”
--- from counsel to a party in a mediation.

“Stu's preparation, persitence, and patience were instrumental in resolving our highly complex and contentious dispute. He succeeded in getting the parties to settlement after others could not.”
--- from counsel to a party in a 2020 mediation.