A commercial litigator for over 44 years, Mr. Widman has represented plaintiffs and defendants, corporations and individuals, and class members in virtually every commercial area. With a solid business background, Mr. Widman grasps the business dynamics of disputed transactions and deftly frames litigation strategy in the context of business goals. He understands the economics and stresses that clients face in litigation, and he applies that to give clients the most benefit from chosen steps.

Most importantly, Mr. Widman knows what works before a judge or jury. His vast experience as a neutral, especially as a high-stakes commercial arbitrator, enables him to craft targeted pleadings and present evidence that convince the judge or jury of the just cause of his clients. He is passionate about fairness and committed to success.

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Trial Experience

Mr. Widman is an experienced trial and appellate lawyer. He has handled many jury trials, bench trials, and state and federal appeals involving statutory, contractual, and common law claims. Representative matters have involved claims in securities, antitrust, construction, insurance, commercial code, bankruptcy, corporations and partnerships, real estate, employment, environment, intellectual property, franchise, and medical licensing and certification. See Litigation Case List. He also has represented many clients in arbitrations and mediations, where he has an edge because of his knowledge and expertise in those procedures. Writing cogent briefs is one of his strengths, along with a balanced approach of vigorous but cooperative advocacy. He quickly learns the technical aspects of cases so work with experts and case presentations are done efficiently and clearly. He looks for openings that other counsel might assume did not exist.

Client Focus

Mr. Widman believes in candor with clients. Once client goals are clear, he wants clients to understand the likelihood of success or risks of loss so that they can give informed consent to case strategy. This especially enables clients to make mindful decisions about settlement – whether and on what terms. Mr. Widman is not afraid to raise settlement with opponents, presenting it as a show of strength of his client’s case.

Vision And Availability

Mr. Widman is the author of “Peeling The Onion: The Heart Of The Trial Is The Heart Of The Parties”, discussing how trial lawyers should weave party personalities and subjective motives into a case presentation to complement the more objective facts, law, and business environment. He has also authored multiple articles and made presentations on lawyer ethics. See Articles/Speaking List.

Mr. Widman is licensed in Illinois, and is a member of the Northern District of Illinois trial bar and of various appellate courts. He has handled cases throughout the United States, including New York, D.C., Delaware, Virginia, California, and Oklahoma, in addition to Illinois.