Affiliations, Licenses, and
Public Service

Mr. Widman is a long-standing member of the arbitration and mediation panels of many national and international administering bodies. Those include:

  • the American Arbitration Association (including Large Complex Case Panel, Healthcare Panel, Class Action Panel, and Sports Panel). The AAA has designated Mr. Widman a “Master Mediator”;
  • CPR: International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (including select Health Care Panel);
  • American Health Law Association (AHLA);
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London);
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange/Chicago Board of Trade (Business Conduct Committee);
  • ADR Systems of America;
  • Cook County Circuit Court (Chancery and Law Cases).

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Mr. Widman is licensed in Illinois but handles matters throughout the United States. He is a member of the trial bar of the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, a member of the United States Tax Court, licensed to practice before the Seventh and Fourth Circuit Courts of Appeal, and before the United States Supreme Court.

Public Service

Communities have also entrusted significant matters to Mr. Widman's judgment. For 30 years, Mr. Widman was an elected or appointed local official in the communities where he lived. He has held positions as city council member, park district commissioner, and member of three different boards or committees that managed building, economic, and environmental matters for two suburbs north of Chicago.